Delicious and Simple easy to use recipes with lots of antioxidants, good fats, food rich in Vitamin C and Zinc to boost your Immune System.

We have put together a series of over 35 simple recipes that have been proven efficient in Boosting Immunity.

The Plan caters for  Vegetarian, Prescatarian and "Easy-To-Find Food" options. The latter was created due to the current situation and the shortage of certain foods in shops and supermarkets.

14 DAYS BOOST IMMUNITY MEAL PLAN  was specially created to:

💪 Increase Immunity

💪 Reduce Stress and Anxiety

💪 Feel in Control

💪Feel more Energetic

💪 Have Better Sleep and Better Digestion


  •  You find it challenging to make the right food choices.

  • You want to Boost Your Immunity and the Immunity of your family.

  • You need simple cooking ideas.

The Plan is for You if: 

The Plan Contains:

 A 14-days Meal Plan to follow.

✅ 35 plus Nutritious Recipes specifically designed to Boost Immunity.

✅ Healthy snacks and succulent snacks.

✅ Pescetarians, Vegetarians and “Easy-To-Find Foods” Menus.

✅ Two Weekly Schedules.

✅ Ready-Made Shopping Lists.

✅ Tips on How to make your 14 Day Meal Plan a Success.

It's Time to invest in Your Immunity

£10 (Normally £30)

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