Revitalize Programme is a three months programme and is designed to get you to the potential root cause of your health concern and help you to restore your health.

This programme consists of three consultations. One initial 60 minutes and two 30 minutes follow-up consultations.

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This programme is ideal if you’re feeling down and irritable because of this constant stress mode that you are experiencing despite trying different ways to relax including holidays.  Nothing has made the difference so far, your stress is still present.
You’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning because you have lost your energy and every simple daily task has become a chore...


This programme is ideal if you suffer from any chronic or long-term illness it is recommended to participate in this programme, for your body to rejuvenate, you need in-depth guidance, support, encouragement and regular contact.

This Programme consists of one 60 minutes of the initial consultation and four 30 minutes follow up consultation.

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Happy Hormones is a six weeks Online programme, designed to balance your hormones naturally.

This programme is ideal if you have any hormonal issues like PCOS, Endometriosis, Underactive thyroid or is going through Menopause. You’re feeling anxious and you’re fatigued. You’ve started to gain weight with no reason and you cannot shed these additional kilos off no matter how hard you try.
You’re fed up of waking up several times per night in a sweat and not being able going to back to sleep...

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